39 Memorial Dr
West Lamington WA 6430

Goldfields Highway
South Boulder WA 6432


The Kalgoorlie and Boulder Cemeteries each offer a peaceful resting place in a natural bush setting. where the living and the deceased are able to be at peace and where contemplation and celebration of life may be experienced.

There are plots available in all of the denominational sections in both Kalgoorlie and the Boulder Cemeteries which includes Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist/Wesleyan, Presbyterian, Church of Christ/Baptist, Church of Christ Aboriginal, Congregational, Salvation Army, Latter Day Saints, Seventh Day Adventists, Islam and Hebrew. There is also a General area which is non secular.

When a plot is purchased for your loved one, this give the owner of the plot a ‘Grant of Right of Burial’ which is set for the term of 25yrs. Up to three interments can take place in each plot. Plots can be reserved for a fee. Please contact our office for further details. + (link)

The newly refurbished Goldfields Crematorium Chapel is available for pre burial services from Monday to Friday.

The first burial had taken place in Kalgoorlie in April 1894, when Owen Roberts was buried “in the bush, a short distance from the hospital” Several more burials took place in the first cemetery reserve on Piccadilly Street.

The first burials to take place on the present Kalgoorlie Cemetery were in 1895. The first name in the official register was that of Maud Carter on December 1st 1896, with details recorded of more than 90 earlier burials.

There are currently approximately 22,000 burials in the Kalgoorlie Cemetery and about 6500 burial in the Boulder Cemetery. The present Boulder Cemetery opened in April of 1904. This was a reserve located closer to the town of Boulder than the  Pioneer Cemetery. Quite a number of
dis interments took place when the old cemetery closed, and the bodies re buried in the new cemetery.