39 Memorial Dr
West Lamington WA 6430

Goldfields Highway
South Boulder WA 6432


Kalgoorlie Cemetery Chapel

Crematorium and Chapel

Cremations take place on-site and ashes can be provided to a nominated Funeral Director or the cremation applicant directly. Services are available to be held within the Crematorium Chapel from Monday to Friday, Saturday morning 9-12 (extra fee applicable).

Boulder Cemetery

New Natural Burial Area at Boulder Cemetery

A tranquil area of the cemetery to provide families with an environmentally friendly area for the burial of their loved ones. Coffins. Specifically un-rendered and unsealed wood coffins.

Infant Memorial

Infant Memorial

The opening and dedication was held on Monday, 5 December 2016.  Ashes and plaque or just a plaque can be placed. There are two memorials there at the moment.